BPA-free products

It is important to give accurate and credible information to our clients according to advantages of BPA-free products. Our web shop focuses mostly on eco friendly and organic products. In order to preserve our health, our mission is to provide products that help maintaining a healthy life.


What exactly BPA is ?

BPA or Bisphenol A is a synthetical chemical substance which undoubtedly gets into the product during the making.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), reported that BPA level in case of breast-fed infants was 8 times lower, than those infants who were fed from bottles.


How does it get into the body?

The major sources of danger in case of infants are feeding-bottles, dummies, teethers, and all kind of plastic that comes to contact with the mouth. When these products are used it is inevitable to stop BPA to access the body.

If the food or drink gets into direct contact with plastic containers and boxes during feeding, it causes adverse health effects.

Plastic products release BPA when they get in touch with alkaline, acid and high temperature (for example: microwave, dishwasher, disinfection).


Why is it risky?

European Chemicals Agency supported the French proposal to additionally identify Bisphenol A as a substance of very high concern because of its endocrine disrupting properties which cause probable serious effects to human health.

Some of the side effects: cancer (prostate, breast), diabetes, heart disease, asthma, thyroid disorder, hormonal dysfunction (early puberty, obesity, sterility, behavioural disorder, birth and developmental abnormalities. Bisphenol A is responsible for lower sperm production, it has impact on fertility, oocyte maturation and prevents ovulation. Results had shown that BPA is toxic in small amounts.

In order to avoid BPA to get into our body we need to be cautious and possibly use BPA-free products in our every day life, to preserve our health. In 2018 February the European Commission banned BPA for feeding bottle production.