Portable dino steriliser

Portable steriliser helps to disinfect closed spaces with the help of ozone.  

  • 360 degree range of disinfection 
  • rapid sterilisation 
  • timing function (15-30-60 min.) 
  • no harm to the eye

How does it work? 

The ozone steriliser is based on the strong and active oxidation of ozone. 

The small generator inside the dino creates ozone from oxygen and evenly dissolves it in the air, then it develops the unwanted ozone back to oxygen. 

The oxidation process is so effective that micro-organisms can not build up immunity against chemical cleaning after the process. 

Ozone is one of the strongest germicidal, steriliser and oxidising substance. It is 300 to 6000 times stronger than chlorine. It kills any micro-organisms when it gets connection with. 

It destroys SARS virus, which has the exact same structure as COVID-19, thus it is 100% effective against coronavirus. 

Germs, viruses, funguses disappear from surface treated with ozone, besides it removes smelliness right away.

It is advisable to use the steriliser more than once on the targeted surface as germs, viruses etc., can infect the area again if we touch them with non-disinfected hands or other tools.
It is recommended to ventilate the disinfected spaces. 



  • storage box 
  • cupboard, cabinet
  • smaller wardrobe
  • bags
  • luggages 
  • baby clothes
  • baby gadgets 

Material: silicon + ABS 
Size: 61x81x83cm 
Weight: 115g 
Battery: 1200mAh