About our organic cotton clothes

How to clean organic cotton baby clothes?

Our baby clothes are not treated with ordinary colouring chemicals such as AZO-colouring, colour binding, anti-shrinkage, unshrinkable, instead of harmful chemicals they are coloured with natural pigments e.g. plant and, mineral pigments so they can loose some pigmentation during strong washing or drying. Moreover, the clothes can shrink 10% while washing on a high temperature.

Pay attention to avoid mixing organic clothes with ordinary ones during the first washes since they are not treated with colour binding chemicals, thus they could loose pigmentation. However they are good-wearing material comparing to normal pieces.

Tip:  Add 1 ¼ cup of of vinegar to the final rinse, which helps to protect  the colour of the baby clothes.

Do not wash normal clothes with organic ones together, because regular pieces can pollute the gentle organic textile.

Turn the clothes inside out during the first washes. This is an old but gold advice to keep the quality of clothes.

If stain can not be removed from the textile, we recommend laundry soda or vinegar as en eco-friendly, excellent washing option.

All our organic cotton clothes and accessories are GOTS certified.