Stilo pram


Stilo pram is a modern, comfortable stroller deep-walk with the possibility of mounting to a car seat (0-13 kg). Stilo is above all a lightweight and compact aluminium frame with additional shock absorbers and front torsion wheels that provide the pleasure and comfort of a smooth ride for both the child and the parent. The effective and easy to use central brake ensures safety during walks. A large, safe and comfortable cradle made of plastic, covered with high-quality eco- leather ensures that the child feels comfortable in it, and a front or back-mounted lightweight stroller makes the child have contact not only with the parent, but also with the world around him.

• Lightweight aluminum frame (4.8 kg) available in 3 colors (black, gray or gold) • rotating front wheels 360 degrees (with the possibility of blocking)
• Suspension adjustment
• Additional shock absorber
• Stroller version can be mounted forward or rearward facing
• easy and convenient "Click" system when mounting the gondola, stroller, car seat
• Large and comfortable gondola with backrest adjustment
• Adjustable hood in a cradle and stroller
• Ventilation window in the hood
• Adjustable backrest and footrest in the stroller seat
• Adjustable guard rail with the possibility of disassembly
• Safe five-point seat belts with shoulder pads
• Leg cover for the stroller seat
• A large bag and a shopping basket
• 2 hoods: separately to the gondola and extended stroller
• Mosquito net protecting against insects
• Raincover
• Bassinet with cradle function
• Convenient handle for carrying the cradle
• Adjustable handle trimmed with eco-leather
• Cradle made with eco-leather or fabric (ST-12 color version)
• It is possible to install to a car seat (0-13kg)


• frame:79x50x38cm
• Cradle 80 x 37x 23 cm (internal dimensions)
• The width of the stroller seat: 34 cm (internal dimensions)


• Frame with wheels: 8.3 kg • Cradle: 5.3 kg
• Seat unit: 4.3 kg 

  • Additional accessories: 
  • Umbrella for pram 14euros
  • Raincover 10euros
  • Mosquito net 10euros
  • Sleeping bag 40euros (only in blue color)
  • Sleeping bag with fur 107euros (black, white, red, blue, grey)
  • Gloves for pram 15euros (black, beige)
  • Car seat 165euros (blue, black, black patterned, black-white, grey, brown, grey-brown, maroon)
  • Pram bedding (pillow+cover) 18euros (pink, blue, red, turquoise)

We send pictures if required.

Expected arrival in 2 weeks!